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Meet the Groovemongers . . .

For the past 14 years, the Groovemongers have been thrilling contra dancers with a world beat approach to dance music. Countless tours, festival weekends and dance camps in 32 US states, Canada, the UK and the Caribbean have forged an ensemble that is equally at home with crafted musical arrangements as with jam band improv.
Pioneers of groove contra, the band works with callers to create a great dance experience, expertly matching tunes to dances and drawing from a breathtaking variety of styles and rhythms. From Celtic to Calypso, Southern to Salsa, Old England to New England, Motown to Cape Town, plus a liberal dose of American Rock 'n' Roll, the Groovemongers' memorable tunes and driving rhythms fuse into a spicy mix that is irresistibly danceable.

C. W. Abbott
C.W. is the band's improvising mandolinist extraordinaire. He comes from a more southern musical tradition, but has embraced new styles such as French Canadian reels and Irish jigs with abandon. In addition to mandolin, he's played guitar, bass, fiddle, pedal steel, and jug. These days he's mostly sticking to contra dance music with mandolin and guitar.
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Jane Knoeck
Jane's musical beginnings were in classical piano and voice studies. She entered the instrumental folk music world upon discovering the hammered dulcimer. Contra dance bands followed and she's been playing for dances ever since on piano and accordion, weaving a variety of musical influences into her style. She also enjoys playing for both English and Scottish country dance.
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Rebecca McCallum
Rebecca grew up playing classical violin, but began to transform from a "violinist" to a "fiddler" shortly after college. In the midst of the driving rhythm and danceability of her fiddling, you can still hear signs of that classical precision and tone. She favors northern styles of music in her contra fiddling, but also indulges her Mediterranean roots by playing in a Greek band as well.
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Mark Hellenberg
Mark Hellenberg has been playing traditional music for over forty years, beginning as a drummer in his father's bagpipe band in the early sixties. Since then, Hellenberg has been featured as a percussionist on over a dozen recordings including two Green Linnet releases by the Celtic ensemble, The House Band. He is currently also a member of The Sevens and the Ohio based Hotpoint String Band and works with other contra dance luminaries including the Reckless Ramblers and Wild Asparagus. When not playing music, Mark works as a producer and Classical music host at Ohio University Public Radio in Athens, Ohio.
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