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Groovemongers CD info

"Smooth Sailing"

Cover design by Marty Somberg

"Smooth Sailing"
Produced by Pete Sutherland


Copies of "Smooth Sailing" are available at any dance that we're playing, as well as by mail.

To order a CD, print and send a copy of our order form.

Tracks on the CD:

1) Meg Gray (trad.) / Sweetbriar (Larry Unger)
2) Whiskey & Beer (trad.) / Rusty Gully (trad.)
3) Snow Angels (Jane Knoeck)
4) Reel Ti-Mé (Marcel Messervier) / Celina's (trad.) / Hommage a Edmond Parizeau (Marcel Messervier)
5) J. D. & the Burro (Rebecca McCallum) / Frank Quinn's (trad.) --- Click here for a short MP3 clip from J. D. & the Burro ----
6) Gypsy Meltdown (Jane Knoeck & Rebecca McCallum) --- Click here for a short MP3 clip from Gypsy Meltdown ---
7) Lost & Found (C. W. Abbott) / Merry Harriers (trad.) / Star Above the Garter (trad.) --- Click here for a short MP3 clip from Star Above ---
8) Sheepskin & Beeswax (trad.) / Gigue de Terrebonne (trad.) / Newlywed's (trad.)
9) Eli Red's / Annie's Grate (C. W. Abbott)
10) Trollspolska (trad.)
11) Nancy's Delight (Fred Grimshaw)
12) Tsizikpolkka (trad.)
13) Northern Anticipation (Meredith Ward)


Our CDs are also available through CDSS and Contracopia.
(Note: the Contracopia website includes some audio samples from the first CD.)


Our first CD "Fresh Wares" is available again!

Cover design by James Micelli

"Fresh Wares"
Produced by Pete Sutherland


Tracks on the CD:

1) Caliche Creek (Jim Mulhaney ) / Fleur de Mandragore (Michel Bordeleau ) --- Click here for a short MP3 clip from Caliche Creek ---
2) Breton Set (trad. )
3) The Homecoming (C.W. Abbott )
4) Goin' Back to Israel (June Drucker ) / North Carolina Breakdown (Arthur L. Smith )
5) Pipe on the Hob (trad. )
6) The Great Warthog Chase (C.W. Abbott ) / St. Antoine's (trad. )
7) Safe Harbor (trad. ) / Spaghetti Pancakes (R. McCallum )
8) Ariadne (R. McCallum ) / Desperation (Abbott / McCallum ) / Ariadne
9) O, Love, Lie Beside Me (trad. )
10) Salvation (Simon Bradley ) / Flat Feet and Bloodshot Eyes (Harry Bolick )
11) The Winding Song (R. McCallum ) / Valse Petit Dejeuner (Jean Christophe Lequerre )
12) David's Bathrobe (McCallum / Hernandez ) / The Cell Phone (C.W. Abbott )


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Members of the Groovemongers also appear on these other recording projects...


Crazy Quilt

A joint project by our pianist Jane Knoeck and her friend Annie Simpson on guitar and vocals. The recording is full of beautiful hammered-dulcimer tracks, elegant piano playing, whimsical songs written by Annie, and high-energy dance tunes. Jane and Annie are joined by C. W. Abbott on mandolin, Hazel Stewart on fiddle, and Rebecca McCallum on fiddle.



In 1988, Larry Edelman recorded this album, along with C. W. Abbott, L. E. McCullough, Laurie Andres, and others. It has just recently been re-released on compact disc. All of the tunes on the album are originals by Larry Edelman. This is a classic recording finally available again!